This design was inspired by one of our great friends, Tommy, who is an amazingly gifted musician.  He told us that music is not only an important part of his life, but it also provides direction and inspiration. For many folks like Tommy, music is a true love, but it can also be a Battle. To be able to do what you love and make a living, while remaining true to ones self can be a struggle.

This design is a great big Thank You to our Armed Service men and women.  Many of those in my family have served our country proudly and I am so appreciative of their commitment to our Country. I am proud of all who currently keep our Country safe all over the world as well.Their commitment and sacrifice is one that is not recognized often enough. 

This shirt was created to be the code of arms for those who thrive to be the best they can be.  The wings symbolize those who have gone on before us and who watch over us on a daily basis. The Cats in the design are a symbol of luck and power. The Ivey located directly below the Cats symbolize “growth” which we hope to do as a person everyday.

This shirt was created and designed for Fighters and individuals who still believe in Bushido which means "The way of the Warrior."  Many have deviated from the old code and its virtues.The 7 virtues are; Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty. All of these virtues are written on a scroll in Japanese Kanji letters on the back of the shirt. There are also 7 Kitana swords on the front of the shirt and each symbolize a virtue.

Many people battle afflictions, addictions and other inner demons. We wanted to give a face to these particular struggles that we Battle in our lives. Sometimes our demons are not openly seen by those around us, but deep down we know they reside just below the surface. This design shows that demon, no matter what it may be, fighting to get out. We hope that you enjoy this flagship design as much as we do, and ultimately conquer your own inner demons.

The Big Cat design symbolizes many things. The design itself pulls characteristics from many big cats such as lions, leopards and tigers. Big cats have always symbolized “power” and “prestige”, but we did this design to symbolize luck. Sometimes we can all use a little luck and sometimes life just seems to beat you down. We hope that this shirt brings you amazing luck and may you take pride in wearing it.

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